Brand New Project Light Weight concept

The Light Weight Concept is compact urban city car. The most unique feature is rear wheels transform into bikes. Rear wheels composed with a couple of wheels and electric motor each. Rear wheels to separate from body. Its included Segway mechanism. The other functional feature is using a light weight structure. It has 2 parallel side panel and combined a lot of cross panels. This form helps the car became lighter and harder. Its not only greatest energy efficiency but also feel futuristic style.

Driving Force Final Shots.

1:5 scale Model

I made 1:5 scale model for the graduation exhibition. 100% made by myself. I made clay model and then made FRP model. The other accessories processed use CNC machine. it was good experience what I studied how to work date out put.

Driving Force

The theme where front inner surface brings feeling brand new

Driving Force Sketches.

Diploma project. Driving Force

In the future, the majority of car included a smart robot system. And it makes so many sorts of robot assistants.Diving Force is focus on how to make aerodynamic drive by robot system. ‘Diving force’ is divided three Parts of body kit . It consist of 2 side body and a Cabin. when it moves faster, robot system is aware speed and air resistance. after than 2 side body move to outside and the cabin has sink to bottom. so it makes aerodynamic and great stance